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Mar 20, 2019

Why are we so hung up on what we aren’t good at? Why not focus on what we are already great at? I’ll talk about 24 strengths you could be using, and some science proven ways to foster those strengths.

[00:20] Introduction

[02:52] Using your strengths is important

[04:42] Study: My Weaknesses Will Go Away, but My Strengths Are Here to Stay.

[06:53] 24 strengths

[09:57] Why these 24 strengths stick with you wherever you go.

[12:13] Are some strengths better than others?

[13:10] What are some examples of things you can do to improve your strengths?

[15:50] There are more than 24 strengths though

[17:00] How to use your strengths even in business and entrepreneurship