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Oct 30, 2019

Join Christine Esovoloff and I as we have a conversation about the honest truths of self-love, self-compassion, accountability, and more!

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[02:05] About Christine

[02:47] About Dear Love, I’m Ready for You

[03:12] Self love has so many definitions

[04:22] Self-love isn’t an end point, it’s a journey

[05:23] Chatting about study, self love helps you through failures

[07:00] Treat yourself like you’d treat a friend

[08:07] Why is it hard to be kind to ourselves?

[08:49] Be gentle with yourself

[09:53] Unpacking our baggage 

[11:40] Holding ourselves accountable

[13:36] One size doesn’t fit all

[14:30] How Christine got involved with the book  

[16:43] Outtro / where to find book / next week’s episode



  • Miyagawa, Y., Niiya, Y., & Taniguchi, J. (2019). When Life Gives You Lemons , Make Lemonade : Self ‑ Compassion Increases Adaptive Beliefs About Failure. Journal of Happiness Studies, (0123456789).


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