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Sep 18, 2019

How do we stay happy while working?


[01:27] Overworking and happiness

[07:25] Self-employment

[10:20] Work Success

[14:57] National well-being


  • Kuroda, S., & Yamamoto, I. (2019). Why Do People Overwork at the Risk of Impairing Mental. Journal of Happiness Studies, 20(5),...

Sep 4, 2019

Social support is so important. It can even impact your physiology. 


[01:15] Friends make life good

[03:22] What is social support?

[07:40] How can social support make you happier?

[08:55] The biology of social support

[11:54] Hugs



  • Siedlecki, K.L., Salthouse, T.A., Oishi, S. and Sheena, J. (2014) The...