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Apr 24, 2019

Emotions can be good and bad. Learn some steps on how to understand your own emotions so that you aren’t a slave to your own emotions.

[00:36] Intro

[01:15] Emotions are good

[01:45] Emotions are bad

[02:24] Emotional intelligence helps keep you in control

[03:40] What is emotional intelligence?

[07:54] But I suck...

Apr 17, 2019

We should be curious about what other people have to say, and about what other people think. You don’t have to agree with them, you just have to be genuinely interested. Let people share their interests, hopes, dreams, and desires with you, it can make a world of a difference.

[01:08] Intro

[01:16] What is...

Apr 10, 2019

Curiosity will help you thrive and flourish in life. Find out why, and how to unleash your childlike wonder.

[01:00] Intro/story

[03:23] What exactly is curiosity?

[03:51] Types of curiosity: Curiosity can be driven by many things.

[09:30] Travel and curiosity

[10:44] Curious people are happier

[14:27] Curiosity leads...

Apr 3, 2019

You can easily become more patient. In this episode, there are multiple science based tips and tricks on how to become more patient in your everyday life.

[00:00] Intro

[00:50] What is patience? The character strength of patience.

[02:46] What are the benefits of being patient?

[04:48] How do I become more patient?