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Nov 28, 2018

Studies show resilience is related to your happiness. When life throws you a curveball, resilience will help you overcome stressful life events. What is resilience and how can I become more resilient? 

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[00:55] The hedonic treadmill: how we habituate to the good and the bad

[02:37] Study: Happiness of lottery winners and accident victims

[05:10] Dan Gilbert study: how you can manufacture your own happiness.

[06:35] What is resilience?

[09:34] How do I foster resilience?

[09:45] “This too shall pass:” Emotion regulation

[11:50] Resilience activity: days, weeks years

[12:30] Think of the silver lining: cognitive reappraisal

[13:30] Resilience activity: how to do a little cognitive reappraisal