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Feb 27, 2019

Journaling can help you understand yourself and your life. What hidden stresses are you carrying around that you could let go of? What positive things can you write about? Learn the benefits of journaling, why it works, and how to journal in this episode!

[00:45] What is journaling?

[02:24] Why does it matter and how does it work?

[03:46] Self-reflection and insight

[05:04] Insight, but not self-reflection, is related to subjective well-being

[07:10] How can journaling provide insight.

[08:33] How often should I write?

[09:45] Study: Journaling about stressful events

[12:07] Study: But you can also write about good things too

[13:46] Insight and goals

[16:00] Morning pages